Office Organizing

Become more productive and efficient


Whether for a home or larger corporate office, Topcat can help you create a more efficient workplace. Our approach involves understanding how you work in your present environment and tailoring solutions that fit your work style. We’ll even observe you at work so we can help you work more efficiently and effectively.
With more than 15 years of corporate office management experience we help you:

  • Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your space
  • Offer expert interior decor consulting as required
  • Manage your paper flow and computer functions
  • Organize your general filing system
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Manage your calendar
  • Optimize the general operation of your office

“As a client of Karen’s I have experienced her keen understanding of my business needs and her ability to provide solutions. She brought tremendous value in teaching me how to organize both my business and home offices for maximum efficiency.

Karen is constantly supportive, helpful, and genuinely concerned about her clients’ best interests and well-being. I can’t recommend Karen strongly enough – she has certainly made my professional life a great deal easier – she “gets it” – plus she has a great sense of humour, so all professional interactions are a delight.”
– Maggie, Toronto