Move Management

Moving can be this enjoyable

Topcat provides complete move management services to help you comfortably relocate to your new home. Our process begins long before your first box gets packed and ends well after the truck is unloaded. We provide a customized hands-on-solution that starts with lots of pre-planning and organizing and finishes when you are completely resettled in your new home.

Topcat will ensure that you are moved and set up in your new home with your belongings, peace of mind and family relationships all intact.

“I simply can't thank you enough for your help in moving us into our new residence and to dispose of so many personal items.  ​It could have been such an ordeal, but you took all the hard work out of it and organized everything so beautifully.  On our first night in the new suite our bed was made, and our clothes were hanging in the closets! Our furniture was in place and the mirrors and the art work were hanging where we wanted them. Everything went so smoothly and effortlessly on our part, and I would be pleased to recommend your services to anyone planning a move such as ours.”
- Eleanor, Toronto
Move Management